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Author Topic: Walter Karin  (Read 479 times)
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« on: June 26, 2011, 03:23:47 PM »

Name: Walter Karin
Age: 37
Player: Ashar Of Ash

Concept: Burning out Writer
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Power: Intelligence: 3
Finesse: Wits: 3
Resistance: Resolve: 3

Power: Strength: 2
Finesse: Dexterity: 2
Resistance: Stamina: 3

Power:Presence: 3
Finesse: Manipulation: 3
Resistance: Composure: 2

Mental (-3 unskilled)

Academics 2
Computers 2
Crafts 3*
Investigation 2
Medicine 1
Occult 2*

Physicals (-1 unskilled)

Athletics 1
Drive 2
Firearms 1
Weaponry 1

Social (-1 unskilled)

Animal Ken
Empathy 1
Expression 3*
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 1

Health 8

Willpower 5

Morality 7

Resources: 3
Fame: 2
Fleet Of Foot: 2
Danger Sense: 2
Eidectic Memory: 2

Size 5

Speed 6

Initiative Mod 4

Defense 2


Revolver Ranges 20/40/80 Clip 6 Strength 2 Size 1

Reinforced Cane (basicly a pipe:P) Damage 3 (Bashing) Size 2

Overly expensive HD Camera
Mini LED light
Emergency First aid Kit
Sleeping Pills
NoDoze pills

Xp Left Over: 1pt

Walter was adopted 2 months before the Massacre at the orphanage. The adults who adopted him pleasant and largely plain by anybodies standards, they decided it was for the best to not tell him of what had happened at the Orphanage. He began writing about a year after he left still as a child, the nightmares from his sleep urging for a way to get out. The stories were dark and strange for a child, almost up there with King, Lovecraft, and Poe. Eventually he managed to start being published as a horror writer at a young age. His quick wit and strange sarcastically up-beat attitude amazing people in that he wrote such dark stories. The years have gone by and a whole series of books written his publisher is pushing for another sequel, but he wants something new, different, something that will pull in more people. But the dreams aren't the same these days. They are still there, but they aren't as "horrible". Not quite Jaded, but needing new inspiration Walter decided to try something to help his publicity, A book signing in Silent Hill as well as a tour around the old town to try and help crank up the inspiration.. What could go wrong?

Ok.. One more time. lets see if i got it right this time...
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