Silent Hill Orphans
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Author Topic: Rules for Character Creation  (Read 1654 times)
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« Reply #75 on: June 26, 2011, 01:12:49 PM »

Your Character Background:

All these characters where children from the Shepard's Orphanage in Silent Hill.   There was a massacre at the Orphanage 30 years ago  there where three survivors, Ben, Moon and Karen.  All the player characters should have been adopted in the six weeks before the massacre and avoided becoming part of it.

All of the Characters have since moved away from Silent Hill either by their adoptive parents or just by growing up. 

Recently everyone has found themselves being drawn back to Silent hill for one reason or another they have also been receiving odd horrific dreams.

Further History

The Orphanage was Founded in 1821 by a man named Godfrey Shepard who's descendants helped found the Town Shepard's Glen.

All of the children in the Orphanage where Murdered in 1976, except for three their bodies where found hung in the big tree up front with red ribbons.   The ribbons where kept by the staff in large bolts having been a donation from a local business and where normally used to wrap Christmas gifts.

The Orphanage was forced to shut down and a New Orphanage called Wish House was opened to take over leaving Shepard's Orphanage to become abandoned.

The Current Year is 2006
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« Reply #76 on: June 26, 2011, 01:37:54 PM »

How do I make a sheet?

Okay to make a sheet use the following Point Lay out

Attributes 5/4/3
Skills 11/7/4/ (3 specialties)
Merits 7
(buying 5 dots in any area cost two points)

Health = Stamina + Size
Willpower = Resolve + Composure
Defense = Lowest wit or Dex
Initiative Mod = Dexterity + Composure
Speed = Strength + Dexterity

Why are there Numbers already on my Sheet?

These Numbers are there because you either get them for free or because there is a starting point that can only be changed through Merits and Play.

The places at the top where you have all ones are automatic points, you add the points you are given in attributes to them.

1 is Bad
2 is Normal
3 is Good
4 is Great
5 is Just plain wow.

The Attributes as they are called are in three categories Mental, Physical and Socials you add 3 points to one of these categories four to another and 5 to the last one.

Morality for everyone Starts at 7 you have no need to worry about it.

Size is always 5 unless you buy a Merit to make it greater.

What do I Put down Under Virtues and Vices?

Here is what you can choose from Virtue and Vice Wise



What Are these Merits you keep Mentioning?

I will provide a list of their names if you feel interested in one or have a question feel free to ask me in PM or anywhere you like (except this thread)  Since I am using Sheets from the New World of Darkness System I don't want to post their full rules on the web site.  If you enjoy the game I encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself.

Mental Merits
Common Sense (4)
Danger Sense (2)
Eidetic Memory (2)
Encyclopedic Knowledge (4)
Holistic Awareness (3)
Languages (1 to 3)
Meditative Mind (1)
Unseen Senses (3)

Physical Merits
Ambidextrous (3)
Brawling Dodge (1)
Direction Sense (1)
Disarm (2)
Fast Reflexes (1 or 2)
Fighting Finesse (2)
Fighting Style: Boxing (1 to 5)
Fighting Style: King Fu (1 to 5)
Fighting Style: Two Weapons (1 to 5)
Fleet of Foot (1 to 3)
Fresh Start (1)
Giant (4)
Gunslinger (3)
Iron Stamina (1 to 3)
Iron Stomach (2)
Natural Immunity (1)
Quick Draw (1)
Quick Healer (4)
Strong Back (1)
Strong Lungs (3)
Stunt Driver (3)
Toxin Resistance (2)
Weaponry Dodge (1)

Social Merits
Allies (1 to 5)
Barfly (1)
Contacts (1 to 5)
Fame (1 to 3)
Inspiring (4)
Mentor (1 to 5)
Resources (1 to 5)
Status (1 to 5)
Striking Looks (2 or 4)

Where do I post my Sheet?

Quote the Sheet in the Sheet Topic and make your sheet from there.  I will then personally make a New Topic with approved character when you are approved and remove your sheet from the list.
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« Reply #77 on: June 26, 2011, 01:39:51 PM »

Now fort the Finishing Touches  I am giving everyone XP to make their Sheet better Please when you submit your sheet include a full list of where and how you spent your points since placing them can change how math is done a lot.

Extra XP 75

Experience Point Costs
Attributes New dots x 5
Skills New dots x 3
Skill specialty 3
Merits new dots x 2
Morality new dots x 3
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« Reply #78 on: July 04, 2011, 06:36:00 AM »

Just curious Clara, is this the new WoD system verbatim? Just want to know if I could use my books at home to make up my character, or if you have altered any values?

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« Reply #79 on: July 04, 2011, 06:44:00 AM »

You could just use your book at home.   If there are any changes it's by accident.   I also forgot to get into specialties but that's my fault not the system >.<
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« Reply #80 on: June 07, 2015, 09:25:16 PM »

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