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Author Topic: Sawyer Glass  (Read 757 times)
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« on: June 26, 2011, 02:45:28 PM »

Name: Sawyer Glass
Age: 37
Player: Ray Gunn

Concept: stunt double in dramatic metamorphesis
Virtue: fortitude
Vice: lust

Power: Intelligence: 2
Finesse: Wits: 3
Resistance: Resolve: 3

Power: Strength: 2
Finesse: Dexterity: 3
Resistance: Stamina: 4

Power:Presence: 2
Finesse: Manipulation: 2
Resistance: Composure: 4

Mental (-3 unskilled)

Crafts 1
Medicine 2
Science 1

Physicals (-1 unskilled)

Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Drive 4
Firearms 1
Survival 1
Weaponry 1

Social (-1 unskilled)

Animal Ken
Empathy 2
Expression 3
Intimidation 1
Socialize 2
Subterfuge 1

Health 9
Willpower 7
Morality 7

Striking Looks (2)
Fighting style: boxing (2)
stunt driver (3)

Fame (1)

Fast Reflexes (2)

Size: 5

Speed: 5

Initiative Mod: 7

Defense: 3



one pair of sunglasses
a duffel bag full of clothes
a pen that shines both LED and a lazer pointer
pocket book titled "acting for dummies"

Experience Points:



Sawyer didn't know his parents. Not his real ones. He didn't know where he was born as he was left as a baby at the orphanage.The one thing Sawyer has always known is he was born to stunt. At his stay at the orphanage he was reigning champ on most bones broken (36). All by his own idea of 'fun'.

It was due to this idea of "fun" that landed him in the hospital the very night of the orphanage massacre.  He woke up the next morning to hear about what happened from the shocked medical staff.  From that moment on he felt something change inside him.  He'd hurt himself a thousand different ways, but in the end, everyone he knew ended up dead.  Once he was well enough to leave the hospital, he was soon adopted by the Glass family, natives of Silent Hill.

It wasn't long after that Sawyer ran away, still gripped by guilt.  His parents never found him.  Sawyer had taken up with a traveling circus as a young human cannonball. Eventually he left the circus and went to California to try his luck in movies. Which he achieved by being a stuntman in some very famous movies and one b-movie where he played a boxer.

As he's getting older, Sawyer feels soon to be outdated by CGI. He keeps having horrible nightmares of Silent hill, the town he grew up in as an orphan and part his early teenage life. Silent hill hasn't crossed his mind in years, but he feels a need to come back.
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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 11:40:38 PM »

Ray I updated your background and deleted your post.
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